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               BOXCO IMPEX Sports Fight Inside
                                       Martial Arts +  Boxing + Fitness + WeightLifting + Leather

BOXCOIMPEX:   BoxcoImpex is the leading manufacturer of Martial Arts -Boxing - Fitness equipment & Leather and all kind of sportswear equipment.

BOXCOIMPEX is a supplier of premium boxing equipment for Olympic boxers, professionals, and fitness participants. From gloves to protective equipment, coaching products, fitness accessories, and uniforms, etc.

Martial Arts Uniform:

BJJ Gi, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniform, Jiu-Jitsu Gi  Kimono, Belts, Taekwondo Uniform, Karate Uniform, judo, Belts .
soccer uniform, football uniform, And More types of equipment, etc.


Boxing Equipment’s / Fight Gear:

Boxing Gloves, Shorts, Vests, Shoes, Kick Shields,\ MuayThai Shorts, Bag Mitts, Karate Mitt, Punching Bags, Balls, \Head Guards, Groin Guards, Mouth Guards, MMA Shorts, Grappling Gloves,   Rash Guards,

Chest Guards,\ Shin In Step, Shin Pads, Focus Pads, Foot Pads, \ Boxing Hand Wraps, Printed Hand Wraps, etc.

Simple Shirts, Printed Shirts, Designing Shirts, Tank Tops Shirts, Sleeveless short/Long Shirts, Polo Shirts, 

for   Men&Women etc.

and more products .there is nothing quite like the feeling of a ~BOXCOIMPEX~ sports fight inside a product. 


Fitness Equipment’s:

Gym Accessories, Training accessories,  Fitness, Gym Shirts&Shorts, Weight Lifting Gloves, shorts, shirts straps, wraps, elbow, knee and more accessories, etc.


Leather Equipment’s 

leather jacket, gloves, shirts, shoes, bags belts,  etc.


Company Values: 

  •      We believe revolutionary love or loveable a supreme love is found in the pursuit
  •                 of any great passion in life. 
  •      We believe athletes who are dedicating their Impex, sweat, boxes, fighting, and more latest design to a higher purpose should be given a platform.
  •      We believe women\men should have equal opportunity, visibility, and pay in sport.
  •      We believe boxing can be used as a vehicle in your life to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  •      We believe collaboration between groups of women is necessary to grow the sport of boxing.
  •      Great customer Reviews.


Customer facilities: 

The best materials, The latest design techniques and the most skilled craftsmen all come together in one factory to focus on one brand, ~BOXCOIMPEX~ sports fight inside. It’s not until you put on one of our gloves on your hand that you can get a sense of the unrivaled excellence of ~BOXCOIMPEX~  sports fight inside.

We are capable of customizing our products as per your requirement.



Today, we supply sporting goods to customers from coast-to-coast. We work with large national retail partners, wholesale dealers, buying groups, specialty independent stores, and more stores.

We have been delivering the best sports brand to customers out of the country.



We have a dedicated customer care team to help and support our customer’s review, they can be contacted on according to customer's /-   24/7 Service  .  .  . . 0n Email: boxcoimpex@gmail.com   /  boxcoimpex@yahoo.com


If  you are happy with our service and like our product, why not check our social media pages: you will find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and more social media,(all pages name BOXCO IMPEX)


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